<– If you look to the left there are some categories; they are a very broad description of the articles inside, genius right.

The articles inside those post are the Journeys of a non- professional blogger.

I come across some pretty wild, sometimes even outlandish topics.

I started blogging because I have seen a lot of athletes starting to Vlog or Blog their adventures.

These guys are killing the game, there are a ton of informative Vlogs and websites covering everything you could ever wonder about fitness. What I don’t see being covered is¬†The Other Side of Healthy. pssst its Mental Fitness¬†mental fitness. I’m taking those words quite literally. Treating your mind just like an athlete treats his/her muscles is the only way to be truly healthy.

So if you take some time and explore some of my articles ( with an open mind) I might just help you spruce up your brain and help you become more prepared for the proverbial kick in the nuts life could one day hand you, or just be a more rounded person.


Mr. Moog




Nathan L. Moog