Public content creation has become as easy as personal journaling in the 90’s. It is a phenomenon I am yearning to take advantage of. The cool thing about personal journals is that they were raw and uncut feelings. It is something very rare to find a media outlet that gives you the same type of inner feelings! — WELL guess what you found it here !

On this site you will find, 100% raw uncut unfilitered content of the following types.

My podcast A Military Moment which chronicals the memoirs of military members from all walks of life.


Some blogging I do, It fits in the realm of Mental Fitness.

The term “Mental fitness” does not imply mental illness, but the opposite of that. The act of keeping a sharp mental status. I tend to blog some of the interesting content I come across in that realm.

To find more on this content expolre the individual contents I do encourage you to explore the webpage!




Mr. Moog