Social Capital & Social Health

Social Capital and Social Health are two terms that are fairly knew to my conscious agenda of being a better man and community member.

Social Capital is a new term brought into my life by Jordan Harbinger on the Order of Man podcast. First of all check the podcast out it is a 50 min podcast perfect for your daily commute. (check them out at or

In the podcast they talk about building social capital, which is explained as the relationships you build over time and the quality of connections you make with those people.

They cover a ton of great topics, but I want to get back to the basics. I think a lot of people miss this note in their lives and it holds them back. It is okay to move on from any relationship.  A lot of people hold on to friends and business connections that maybe aren’t providing for them, or that might even quite literally be holding them back. If you take a moment, step back and think of all of the people that you interact with on a daily basis, Does anyone come to mind that constantly pushes your boundaries and makes you uncomfortable? Do they ask things of you, in an unhealthy way?

Think about where you would actually  like those boundaries to be and where you are comfortable helping out, in said situations. This is a tough personal task because you need to be real with your self, and the people around you. If you take the time to identify and handle these situations, your quality of life will sky rocket, as you will be more comfortable in your own endeavors, knowing you don’t have any ankle chains.

Social health is a term I may or may not have made up. I use this term to identify the quality of social engagement I have throughout out my daily activities. Not too long ago I started to notice all of the negative attitudes on my timeline. I started to be cognoscente of the way this affected me daily.

Truly it brought down my way of thinking, I would jump in to these negative engagements and just be truly enveloped by them.  My knee jerk reaction was to just avoid social media and the negative people around me all together. Well thats impossible in 2017. So, I started following and supporting the people and things around me that had been quietly trying to better themselves. With that I started to just remove or block anyone or anything that seemed constantly negative!

This changed everything, just being cognoscente of the media I was consuming  literally brought new people and new opportunities to my life that would never have been there before. The important thing is, you have to identify these situations without bias. If your mom is negative on social media, block her!! Facebook or twitter following does NOT mean we are friends in the real world, so if I am not following, it does not mean we aren’t friends.

Long story short: Social health can be treated just like physical health with media consumption being the food for your social muscles to grow. You can choose to have negative inputs or positive inputs, and only You!

Daily Physical Workout

Squat 4×10 (with 3-4 warm up sets 2 with wide stance onto box)

Dumbell hack squats 4×10

Leg Extensions 2×10-12 (first 5 reps 2 second holds)

Calf raises 2×20

20 – 30 min of stretching and foam roller work








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One thought on “Social Capital & Social Health”

  1. Damn man, this is deep and really make me step back and really think about my social blocks, and how I’ve learned how to break them down and create a positive enviornment. Looking forward to more!!! Awesome stuff brother

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